The Tenth International London Cough Symposium 2018

Published: 2018-01-08

The Tenth London International Cough Symposium

National Heart & Lung Institute

Imperial College, Dovehouse St,

London SW3 6LY, UK

27-29 June 2018

The Tenth International Cough Symposium will gather clinicians and scientists for a review and discussion of the latest research findings and evolving ideas regarding the importance of cough in clinical disease, the latest thoughts on pathophysiological mechanisms, on current and future treatments of cough.

The Tenth Symposium will focus on the advances in our clinical understanding of chronic cough, the importance of the hypersensitive cough state in disease, and the most recent developments in new targets for controlling cough and cough suppressive therapies.

The Symposium will include state-of–the-art lectures, round-table discussions and poster presentations by an International Faculty. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with the International faculty of clinicians and scientists during the breaks and lunch.

There is an opportunity for researchers and clinicians to present work in the form of posters that will be discussed during plenary sessions.

State-of-the-art lectures

There will be a whole range of state-of-the-art presentations on the cutting edge of our understanding of cough together with the latest treatment approaches. Sessions will include heterogeneity of cough, cough hypersensitivity in athletes and caused by pollutants, role of ATP in cough sensitisation and current novel pharmacological approaches.

In addition, experts will address many of the clinical issues associated with cough including the management of cough associated with respiratory and non-respiratory diseases. Finally, much research still needs to be done and we will have sessions on areas that remain to be explored.

The 2018 John Widdicombe lecture

One of the highlights of the Symposium will be a specially-invited John Widdicombe lecture given by a cough researcher who has made a significant impact in the field of cough. The 2018 John Widdicombe lecture will be delivered by Professor Jacky Smith, University of Manchester.

Poster presentation and Discussion of Abstracts

There will be an opportunity for delegates to present their recent work as posters. In all a maximum of 20 posters will be available and can be viewed throughout the meeting. In addition, there will be time allocated during the Symposium to discuss the implications of the work presented.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the mechanisms underlying cough hypersensitivity syndrome
  • Have a greater knowledge of chronic cough associated with various common respiratory disorders
  • Have insight into the current management of patients with chronic cough
  • Will hear about recent advances in antitussive therapies

Target audience

Respiratory clinicians, physiotherapists, language and speech therapists, basic scientists and physiologists in sensory neurophysiology, clinical scientists in cough, pain and itch, pharmacologists, and pharmaceutical company scientists.

International Faculty include

  • Lorcan McGarvey, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK
  • Stuart Mazzone, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Maria Belvisi, Imperial College, London
  • Surinder Birring, Kings College Hospital, London
  • Brad Undem, John Hopkins, USA
  • Peter Dicpinigaitis, New York, USA
  • Kefang Lai, Guangzhou, China
  • Akio Niimi, Nagoya, Japan
  • Alyn Morice, Hull, UK
  • Jacky Smith, Manchester, UK
  • Jim Hull, London, UK
  • Sanjay Chortimall (Singapore)
  • Paul Jones (London UK)
  • Andrew Tershakovec (Boston, US)

Course organiser

  • Professor Kian Fan Chung, Imperial College, London

Course Administrator:

Tony Steedman (

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