Focused issue dedicated to the 1st International Conference on Sublobar Resections for lung Cancer

Published: 2018-01-15

Guest Editor:

Dominique Gossot, MD
Guest Editor & Editorial Board Member, Journal of Thoracic Disease
Thoracic Department, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France

The 1st International Conference on Sublobar Resections for lung Cancer, organized by the Institute of Thorax Montsouris-Curie, will be held from 11th to 12th on January 2018 at the Institute Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris. In collaboration with the organizing committee, the Journal of Thoracic Disease will bring out a focused issue (edited by Dr. Dominique Gossot) dedicated to the meeting. The speakers have been invited to prepare for papers to the issue based on their lecture topics. Therefore, this issue will include the most state of the art contents of the meeting and cover all different aspects of sublobar resections for lung cancer, from indications to preoperative planning and advanced surgical techniques. We have high hopes that the focused issue will widely expose the meeting contents for greater impact and make them most readily available by clinicians and scientists all around the world.

Below is the list of topics and authors to be covered in this special issue:

Anatomical variations and pitfalls to know during thoracoscopic segmentectomies

Dominique Gossot (Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France)

Impact of near-infrared angiography on the quality of anatomical resection during video-assisted thoracic surgery segmentectomy

Wolfram Karenovics (University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland)

Lymph node dissection during sublobar resection: why, when and how?

Pascal Thomas (Aix-Marseille University, France)

Thoracoscopic stapler-based “bidirectional” segmentectomy for the posterior basal segment (S10) and its variants

Masaaki Sato (The University of Tokyo Hospital, Japan)

Development of a precision multimodal surgical navigation system for robotic segmentectomy of the lung

Jean-Marc Baste (Rouen University Hospital, France)

T1a Lung Carcinoma: The Place of Segmentectomy in the Treatment Array

Scott Swanson (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA)

Determination of intersegmental plane using slip knot method

Hiroyuki Oizumi (Yamagata University, Japan)

Endobronchial treatment of peripheral tumors: ongoing development and perspectives

Thibault Vieira (Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France)

Sublobar resection vs Lobar resection: a proven respiratory benefit?

Shanda Blackmon (Mayo Clinic, USA)

T1a lung carcinoma: the place of wedge resection in the treatment array

Nasser Altorki (Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, USA)

Preoperative planning for thoracoscopic sublobar resection

Agathe Seguin-Givelet (Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, France)

Thoracoscopic segmentectomy: Hybrid approach

Hisashi Iwata (Gifu University, Japan)

Thoracoscopic segmentectomy: uniportal approach

Diego Gonzales-Rivas (Coruña University Hospital, Spain)

Thoracoscopic segmentectomy: anterior approach

René Petersen (Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Denmark)

Thoracoscopic segmentectomy: robotic approach

Robert J. Cerfolio (University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center, USA)

Division of intersegmental plane using cautery and other energy devices

Hisashi Iwata (Gifu University, Japan)

Teaching sublobar resection: the role of simulation

René Petersen (Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Denmark)