Introducing ABER, an innovative online system for editors and reviewers

Published: 2018-09-03

It's another big day for the Journal of Thoracic Disease - for both editors and reviewers, and those of you who have been with us from the beginning.

We’re proud to introduce AME Bond between Editors and Reviewers (ABER), an innovative online system designed by AME Publishing Company, aiming at building a network between editors and reviewers. The ABER system streamlines the process of peer review while enhancing the motivation and persistence of reviewer.

    With ABER, reviewers can:
  • actively select the manuscript they are interested in and take the initiative to claim the task.
  • select a time slot best for them and work along with it.
  • track the peer review record in the system easily even with multiple tasks at hand.
  • get rewarded with “ABER Points” which can be used to shop online for various products such as printed books, electronic books and surgical videos.
  • share their comments on the reviewed articles and their experience in the ABER system. Regular users can further enhance as their reviewing skills and academic level in general

How to use the ABER system?

Using ABER, editors can upload ready-for-review manuscripts to the online system, where they can monitor the whole peer review process. On the other hand, reviewers, after registering as ABER members with valid identity verification, can search by keywords in the subject areas they are interested in and claim any review tasks they want. After accomplishing the tasks, they will be rewarded with “ABER Points” which they can use to redeem any special offers including an array of medical books and journals on the Mall.

To learn more about the ABER system, visit or download ABER Manual or e-mail for more information.