Article Abstract

Pulmonary cryptococcosis manifesting as diffuse air-space consolidations in an immunocompetent patient

Authors: Hye Won Choi, Semin Chong, Mi Kyung Kim, In Won Park


Pulmonary cryptococcosis is an opportunity infection commonly occurred in the immunocompromised patients. However pulmonary cryptococcosis in the immunocompetent was reported up to 35% and these cases tend to show confined and localized radiologic findings than in immunocompromised patients. To our knowledge, extensive air-space consolidations have not frequently occurred in the immunocompetent patient. Therefore, in this case, we report a rare case of a 73-year-old woman who was diagnosed with pulmonary cryptococcosis, manifesting as diffuse air-space consolidations even though normal immune status. Thus, the possibility of pulmonary cryptococcosis should be considered when a patient with a normal immune status presents without respiratory symptoms are accompanied by consolidation on imaging.