Article Abstract

Laser resection of pulmonary nodule via uniportal thoracoscopic surgery

Authors: Calvin S. H. Ng, Freddie Capili, Ze-Rui Zhao, Peter S. Y. Yu, Jacky Y. K. Ho, Rainbow W. H. Lau


Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) lung wedge resection usually requires three devices, thoracoscope, lung retracting instrument and an endo-stapler cutter to perform the procedure. With advances in miniaturization of the thoracoscope and lung retracting instruments, a major limitation to operating through a smaller uniportal incision has become the endo-stapler. We describe the surgical technique for uniportal VATS laser lung resection which uses a much narrower laser catheter device to replace the endo-stapler for resection. The new approach to limited lung resection can potentially reduce instrument fencing and the uniportal incision wound size, while achieving satisfactory hemostasis and pneumostasis.