Article Abstract

Lessons from uncertainty on antifungal treatment in ICU

Authors: Andrea Cortegiani, Vincenzo Russotto, Antonino Giarratano


We read with great interest the Editorial from Moghnieh et al. on the EMPIRICUS trial and antifungal use in intensive care unit (ICU) (1). Authors described nicely the trial and some background evidence on untargeted antifungal treatment in non-neutropenic critically ill patients in ICU (2,3). However, we believe that some points may be further clarified. First, it may be useful to cite the study from Knitsch et al. among those evaluating empiric antifungal treatment in ICU (4). Knitsch et al. enrolled 252 critically ill patients with localized/generalized intra-abdominal infection either of community or of nosocomial origin requiring emergency surgery.