Recipient selection process and listing for lung transplantation

Geert M. Verleden, Lieven Dupont, Jonas Yserbyt, Veronique Schaevers, Dirk Van Raemdonck, Arne Neyrinck, Robin Vos


Lung transplantation remains the ultimate treatment option for selected patients with end-stage (cardio) pulmonary disease. Given the current organ shortage, it is without any doubt that careful selection of potential transplant candidates is essential as this may greatly influence survival after the procedure. In this paper, we will review the current guidelines for referral and listing of lung transplant candidates in general, and in more depth for the specific underlying diseases. Needless to state that these are not absolute guidelines, and that decisions depend upon center’s activity, waiting list, etc. Therefore, every patient should be discussed with the transplant center before any definite decision is made to accept or decline a patient for lung transplantation.