Article Abstract

Multidisciplinary approach to chest wall resection and reconstruction for chest wall tumors, a single center experience

Authors: Elisa Scarnecchia, Valeria Liparulo, Alessandra Pica, Giuseppe Guarro, Carmine Alfano, Francesco Puma


Background: Chest wall resection and reconstruction (CWRR) is quite challenging in surgery, due to evolution in techniques. Neoplasms of the chest wall, primary or secondary, have been considered inoperable for a long time. Thanks to evolving surgical techniques, reconstruction after extensive chest wall resection is possible with good functional and aesthetic results.
Methods: In our single-center experience, seven cases of extensive CWRR for tumors were performed with a multidisciplinary approach by both thoracic and plastic surgeons. Patients have been retrospective analyzed.
Results: Acceptable clinical and aesthetical results have been recorded, with a smooth post-operative course and a low rate of post-surgical complications. Two early complications and one late complication (asymptomatic bone allograft fracture on the site of the bar implant) were recorded. Neither postoperative deaths nor local recurrences were registered after a median follow-up period of 13 months.
Conclusions: Surgical planning is most effective when it is tailored to the patient. Specifically, in the treatment of selected chest wall tumors, the multidisciplinary approach is considered mandatory when an extensive demolition is required. Indeed, here, the radical wide en-bloc resection can lead to good results provided that the extent of resection is not influenced by any anticipated problem in reconstruction.