Video-assisted thoracoscopic right lower lobectomy for lung cancer using the Harmonic scalpel

Jun Peng, Xin-Long Chen, Xin Mao, Jun Liu, Xian-Gu Ning


A 68-year-old lady felt chest pain with tenderness of three years duration, who was a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma cell lung cancer. The accesses employed were based on the use of three ports through thoracoscope. With Harmonic scalpel all the hilar structures were isolated and separately sectioned, and systemic lymph node dissection was performed. Postoperative pathologic diagnosis was T2bN0M0 adenocarcinoma. Harmonic scalpel technique with video-assisted thoracoscopy surgery (VATS) has many advantages over traditional open thoracotomy and use of electrocautery for lobectomy in lung cancer surgery. Chief among these is greater patient safety. With Harmonic scalpel dissection, blood loss is minimal and this speeds patient recovery. It allows better visualization of key anatomic structures and permits better lymph node dissection, which is essential to reducing metastatic spread of the cancer.