Recent developments in minimally invasive surgery for biopsy of small pulmonary nodules

Long Jiang, Jianxing He


Following the development of radiological technology, there has been an increase in the number of pulmonary nodules found. The management of pulmonary nodules represents a specific challenge to thoracic surgeons. Pulmonary nodules are small, focal, rounded radiographic opacities that may be solitary or multiple. The definite histopathologic diagnosis is crucial in determining management ranging from interval imaging to surgical resection. The choice of a particular biopsy technique depends on the risks/benefits of the procedure, the diagnostic yield, and local expertise. Surgical lung biopsy has been reported as an accurate approach when less-invasive diagnostic methods have been unsuccessful. During the last decade, there have been huge developments of new minimally invasive techniques in thoracic surgery. In the present study, we will review both surgical and anesthetic techniques in surgical lung biopsy.