Article Abstract

Biportal complete video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy and systematic lymphadenectomy

Authors: Guang-Suo Wang, Zheng Wang, Jian Wang, Zhan-Peng Rao


The video-assisted thoracoscopic approach (VATS) for lobectomy of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has not been standardized. Although three to four incisions are usually made, with the right surgical technique, the operation can be successfully carried out via only two incisions. This video demonstrates a case undergoing biportal complete VATS (biportal cVATS) right upper lobectomy and systematic lymphadenectomy. Here we describe our technique of biportal approach by using a combination of conventional and endoscopic instruments. As our experience gained, we consider the knacks of biportal cVATS lobectomy imply two radical changes of perspectives from the traditional triportal technique. One fundamental step is how to achieve satisfactory exposure in the case of single utility incision for multiple instruments to insert. Another technical tip that should be taken into account is how to introduce staplers conveniently without the third posterior port. Optimization of the whole procedures is critical for accomplishing anatomic hilar vascular, bronchial, and lymphatic dissection via two ports. In conclusion, biportal cVATS lobectomy for lung cancer is a safe and reliable procedure that can achieves good postoperative results without oncological compromise.