Invasive examinations in patients with suspected lung cancer: more may be too many

Ning Ding, Wang-Jian Zha, Sheng-Nan Ren, Bu-Qing Ni, Yun Zhu, Wen-Ping Yang, Wei Lin, Shi-Jiang Zhang, Hong Wang


The recent article entitled “Principles of biopsy in suspected lung cancer: priority still based on invasion in the era of targeted therapy?” published in Journal of Thoracic Disease by Chen et al., concluded the principles of biopsy in suspected lung cancer should be prioritized in sequence based on weight in clinical management, acquisition of tissue, invasion, efficiency and cost. We reported a patient with a 30-year history of pulmonary silicosis, had been found no evidence of tumor after receiving a series of invasive examinations. We conclude that invasive examinations should be limited in patients with suspected lung cancer who had a defined history of underlying disease. Minimal invasion with careful acquisition of the appropriate quantity and quality of tissue should be adequate.