Article Abstract

Primary aortic sarcoma in arch and descending aorta: a case report and literature review

Authors: Zhi-Yuan Wu, Lin-Qian Weng, Zuo-Guan Chen, Yue-Xin Chen, Yong-Jun Li


Aortic sarcoma is a rare entity. In this study, we report a case of a 56-year-old man with complaints of pain and numbness of bilateral lower extremities. An endovascular aortic repair was finally adopted to prevent recurrent embolic events. An endo-biopsy was performed and showed aortic sarcoma. Axillary bifemoral and femoro-femoral cross-over bypass surgeries were taken to supply blood to the lower extremities in the 6th month after the first operation. He finally passed away in the 37th month. Aortic sarcoma should be taken into consideration as one of the possible etiologies for massive thrombus in aorta. Palliative surgeries such as bypass, endovascular aortic repair can also be an alternative to treat aortic sarcoma.