Medical thoracoscopy removal of a self-expandable metallic stent migration into pleural cavity

Wen-Chien Cheng, Biing-Ru Wu, Chia-Hung Chen, Wei-Chih Liao, Chih-Yen Tu


Pleuroscopy, also known as medical thoracoscopy (MT), is an important tool for pleural disease management. Removal of foreign body (FB) by MT was reported in a few reports because it can identify the position of a FB in the pleural cavity and can be used for its urgent removal. In this study, we describe the case of a male patient with a ruptured lung abscess and a rare complication of self-expandable metallic stent (SEMS) migration into the pleural cavity via a bronchopleural fistula after the management of obstructive airway disease. An experienced pulmonologist successfully removed the SEMS from the pleural cavity using semi-rigid pleuroscopy under local anesthesia and conscious sedation in a bronchoscopy suite.