Article Abstract

Non-intubated video-assisted thoracoscopic lung biopsy for interstitial lung disease: a single-center experience

Authors: Chang-Seok Jeon, Dong Woog Yoon, Seong Mi Moon, Sumin Shin, Jong Ho Cho, Sangmin M. Lee, Hyun Joo Ahn, Jie Ae Kim, Mikyung Yang


Background: The mortality and morbidity associated with video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) lung biopsy for interstitial lung disease (ILD) are not negligible. We evaluated whether non-intubated VATS lung biopsy, which avoids intubation and general anesthesia, can be safely performed in ILD subjects.
Methods: This retrospective study compared the incidence of complications and surgical mortality between 25 consecutive intubated subjects and 10 non-intubated subjects (a total of 35 consecutive subjects) at a single institution.
Results: No major surgical complications or deaths were reported in either group, and non-intubated VATS biopsies were safely performed in subjects with relatively low carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (P=0.08) or poor American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status scores (ASA) (P=0.02).
Conclusions: These preliminary results suggest that non-intubated VATS lung biopsy is a safe and feasible option in patients with ILD.