Article Abstract

One-week recovery from bronchopleural fistula by combined techniques

Authors: Jun Liu, Jingpei Li, Fei Cui, Shiyue Li, Jianxing He


Bronchopleural fistula (BPF) is an uncommon, but severe complication of pulmonary resection surgery (1). And the mortality rates associated with BPF are alarmingly high and ranges between 7.1% and 67% (1-3). It has been generally accepted that the three paramount management goals of BPF included securely blocking the direct fistulous tract, sustainable eliminating of all inflammatory effusion, and precisely administration of appropriate antibiotics for pleural space infection. Treatment options for BPF included chest drains, muscle flap, omental flap, transsternal bronchial closure, thoracoplasty and prolonged antibiotic regimens (3).