Analysis of the clinicopathological characteristics and their trends among patients with lung cancer undergoing surgery in a tertiary cancer hospital of north China during 2000–2013

Xinqiang Ji, Yun Fang, Jing Liu


Background: Lung cancer is the primary cause of death among all cancers in China. However, clinical and pathological features and trends among patients with lung cancer in mainland China are largely unknown. This study analyzed the clinicopathological characteristics and trends of patients newly diagnosed as lung cancer and underwent surgery in a tertiary cancer hospital of north China between 2000 and 2013.
Methods: Data were collected retrospectively from medical records. Pathological diagnosis was confirmed by surgery or puncture, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, and sputum cytology.
Results: This study included 3,733 patients with lung cancer (2,252 male and 1,481 female; male-to-female 1.52:1). An increase in the incidence of lung cancer was observed among women. The most frequently observed pathology types were adenocarcinoma (ADC, 63.41%), squamous cell carcinoma (SQ, 24.48%), and small cell carcinoma (SCC, 3.08%). There was a decrease in the proportion of SQ cases and increase in ADC cases. The proportion of male patients with SQ and female patients with ADC increased. Differences between men and women in the distribution of lesions according to pathology were as follows: ADC and SQ were present in 49.73% and 35.92% of male patients, respectively, and in 84.20% and 7.09% of female patients, respectively. Comparing the time period 2000–2006 and 2007–2013, there were no changes in the distribution of pathology among men, while the proportion of ADC and SQ cases among women increased from 74.43% to 85.90% and decreased from 15.07% to 5.71%, respectively.
Conclusions: The proportion of female patients with lung cancer who could undergo surgery increased significantly. The proportion of patients with SQ decreased while that of ADC increased, and the increase of ADC was mainly due to the increase in the number of female patients with ADC.