Article Abstract

Aortic wall inflammation: a more accurate predictor of aneurysm expansion and aneurysm rupture risk than aortic diameter?

Authors: Kosmas I. Paraskevas


According to the 2018 Society for Vascular Surgery recommendations regarding the management of patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs), elective repair is strongly recommended for the patients at an average risk for surgery with a fusiform AAA ≥5.5 cm in diameter [level of recommendation: 1 (strong); quality of evidence: A (high)] (1). A weaker recommendation is provided for patients with saccular aneurysms of any size [level of recommendation: 2 (weak); quality of evidence: C (low)], as well as for females with an AAA that is 5.0–5.4 cm in maximum diameter [level of recommendation: 2 (weak); quality of evidence: B (moderate)] (1).