Article Abstract

Why non-grasping-lymphadenectomy technique is necessary for lung cancer resection?

Authors: Masayuki Chida


Although lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death throughout the world, localized non-small cell lung cancer may be curable by surgical resection. Some patients classified as clinical N0 based on preoperative imaging findings, actually have N2 disease, thus accurate nodal staging performed during the operation is important. Patients shown to be clinical N0 but with pathological N2 disease may be more eligible for resection, as surgery for those patients has been shown to result in favorable survival as compared to patients classified as clinical N2 and pathological N2. Although a previous randomized trial showed no advantage related to overall survival of lymph node dissection for patients with N0 or N1 disease as compared to lymph node sampling (1), many surgeons still consider lymph node dissection to be important.