Article Abstract

New-onset atrial fibrillation after esophagectomy for cancer

Authors: Maarten F. J. Seesing, Alicia S. Borggreve, Jelle P. Ruurda, Richard van Hillegersberg


Esophagectomy with en-bloc lymphadenectomy after neoadjuvant chemo(radio)therapy is the standard of care for resectable locally advanced esophageal cancer. Postoperative complications may have a significant impact on the duration of hospital stay and quality of life. Early recognition and treatment of complications may reduce failure to rescue rates and improve postoperative outcomes. New-onset atrial fibrillation (AF) after esophagectomy for cancer is frequently observed, and may be related to other postoperative complications. AF could function as an early warning sign for other complications in the postoperative course after esophagectomy and may thus be of clinical value. This review discusses the pathophysiology and possible risk factors of AF, the association between AF and other postoperative complications, and the influence of AF on postoperative outcomes after esophagectomy for cancer. Furthermore, clinical recommendations for the management of new-onset AF after esophagectomy for cancer are provided.