Article Abstract

Five years’ experience with a peripheral veno-arterial ECMO for mechanical bridge to heart transplantation

Authors: Vitaly Poptsov, Ekaterina Spirina, Anastasiya Dogonasheva, Elizaveta Zolotova


Background: Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) is the only way to save a life for heart transplant candidates and to decrease of waiting list mortality. The choice between short- or long-term pretransplant MCS depends on of type and severity of CHF. One of the most frequently used methods of temporary MSC before orthotopic heart transplantation (OHTx) is veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA ECMO). The aim of this study was to analyze own experience of peripheral VA ECMO (pVA ECMO) in heart transplant candidates needed in urgent HT.
Methods: This study included 182 pts [160 (87.9%) men and 22 (12.1%) female, age 43±1.2 yrs] supported with pVA ECMO in the period from 01. 01. 2013 to 31. 12. 2017 or 23.2% from all waiting list (n=786).
Results: During VA ECMO, 16 (8.8%) of the 182 pts died. In most pts [n=13 (81.3%)] multiorgan failure/sepsis were the cause of death. One hundred and sixty-six (91.2%) pts were successfully bridged to OHTx or 27.9% from all heart transplant recipients (n=594) (2013–2017 yrs). The duration of pVA ECMO before OHTx (n=166) was 5.8±3.2 days. One hundred and forty-three (86.1%) from 166 pts were discharged to home. Post-transplant survival among heart transplant recipient with pre-transplant MCS by pVA ECMO was in comparison with recipients without pretransplant MCS [84.2% vs. 90.1% (6 months), 83.3% vs. 91.8% (1 years), 75.1% vs. 86.1% (2 years), 74.2% vs. 85.8% (3 years), 72.3% vs. 84.7% (4 years), 72.3% vs. 83.5% (5 years) respectively (P<0.0001)].
Conclusions: pVA ECMO is a useful tool of treatment of patients with INTERMACS profile 1/2. Results of OHTx at recipients bridged with VA ECMO are less successful that recipients without pre-transplant MCS. VA ECMO should be considered as a direct bridge to OHTx in conditions of limited financial resources of health care and high availability of donor’s hearts.