Article Abstract

Stepwise and standardized training for minimally invasive surgery for thoracic surgery trainees

Authors: Tony Makdisi, George Makdisi


Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has been associated with faster recovery, lower morbidity and mortality rates, decreased length of hospital stay, and lower costs. It was proven that VATS is a good oncologic procedure as well. VATS lobectomy for early stage cancer is widely recognized as the standard of care for early stage cancer (1). This statement should also be extended to all lung resections for any pathology, and as expected in the near future open lobectomy should be restricted only to lobectomies being unfeasible by VATS. Currently VATS becomes the “bread and butter” of thoracic surgeons, and it is absolutely essential for the trainees in thoracic surgery fellowship to master thoracoscopic skills, and it is also our responsibility as educators to ensure that our trainees are competent and able to carry these procedures safely in proficient fashion.