Article Abstract

High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in immunocompromised patients: where? for whom? and when to stop?

Authors: Rémi Coudroy, Jean-Pierre Frat, Arnaud W. Thille


Cancer was diagnosed in 18 million people worldwide last year during which time, almost 10 million patients died from cancer (1). Asia carries a high burden, representing almost half of these newly diagnosed cancers and deaths (1). Although these results are alarming, 10-year survival of patients with cancer has almost doubled in the last 40 years and is currently approaching 50% (2). Hopefully, better understanding of relationships with the microbiome, along with progress in diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, will continue to improve the prognosis of cancer patients over the coming years (3). Therefore, the proportion of cancer survivors with possibly related impaired immunity requiring hospital admission will continue to grow.