Article Abstract

A micro-costing evaluation of lobectomy by thoracotomy versus thoracoscopy

Authors: Maud Charvin, Hans Martin Späth, Alain Bernard, Anne-Claire Bertaux


Background: Two surgical strategies called video-assisted thoracoscopy surgery (VATS) and thoracotomy are used for lobectomy following lung cancer diagnosis. The aim of this study was to assess the total cost of each technique (thoracotomy and VATS) during hospitalization in France.
Methods: A micro-costing methodology from the hospital perspective was implemented to assess the hospitalization costs, using direct observations, interviews, and data collection based on medical records in four hospitals. The average real cost of each technique was compared.
Results: From the hospital perspective, VATS was more expensive than thoracotomy but the difference was not significant (€6,941.30 vs. €5,950.11).
Conclusions: According to this micro-costing study, thoracotomy seems to be the less expensive technique for the hospital. Our data will be included in a cost-utility analysis to assess the medico-economic impact of the VATS strategy.