Clinical outcomes following an initial experience with a novel powered vascular stapler in video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomies: results of a Chinese multi-center study

Bin Qiu, Xiaozheng Kang, Ke-Neng Chen, Jian Hu, Jian Li, Liping Zeng, Elliott J. Fegelman, Michael L. Schwiers, Erin E. Creedon, Jason R. Waggoner, Ding Ding, Tengfei Yang, Shugeng Gao


Background: The development of minimally invasive surgical approaches has revolutionized surgical care and greatly improved surgical outcomes. This study aimed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a powered vascular stapler (PVS) during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) lobectomy.
Methods: This prospective, multi-center, post-market clinical study in China enrolled 50 patients with either a suspected or formal diagnosis of clinical stage IA to IIB non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) scheduled for VATS lobectomy. The clinical effectiveness of the PVS for successful pulmonary artery (PA)/pulmonary vein (PV) transection was evaluated. In addition, the surgeon’s stress, device usability, and surgeon satisfaction were measured using multiple questionnaires.
Results: A total of 167 PAs/PVs were transected with 3 (1.8%) requiring intra-operative intervention. Fourteen of the 50 patients (28.0%) experienced at least one adverse event (AE), among whom 5 (10.0%) suffered from serious AEs. There were no postoperative hemorrhagic complications related to transection of the PA/PV with PVS. Surgeon satisfaction was surveyed by questionnaire after each of the 50 procedures resulting in a 96% reported satisfaction with device usability, specifically related to a low stress load and an increase in work efficiency.
Conclusions: For VATS lobectomy, the PVS demonstrated a positive surgical effectiveness and value in cognitive and physical distress reduction. Complications following VATS lobectomy to treat NSCLC were generally low and as expected. Intraoperative complications were few and there were no postoperative complications related to the transection of the PA and PV during VATS lobectomy. Favorable results were reported on the surgeon satisfaction questionnaire regarding usability and surgeon stress.