Albumin to fibrinogen ratio and fibrinogen to pre-albumin ratio are economical, simple and promising prognostic factors for solid malignancy

Shu-Qi Li, Xia-Hong You, Fan Sun, Zi-Jin Xia, Zhou Fang, Wei Wang, Yao Li, Xiao-Zhong Wang, Hou-Qun Ying


The exploration of cancer prognostic factor has received increasing attention in recent years. Traditional indicators such as tumor-node-metastasis system, histological subtype and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) have been recognized as prognostic indicators. However, invasiveness and high cost of these factors restrict the widespread use in clinic, particularly in economically underdeveloped basic health units. Therefore, economic, simple and effective biomarkers are warranted to manage and improve prognosis of cancer individuals.