An infrared coagulator to assist surgical treatment of infective endocarditis

Hiroshi Kubota, Hidehito Endo, Hikaru Ishii, Sachito Minegishi, Hiroshi Tsuchiya, Yu Takahashi, Satoko Funata, Yusuke Inaba


We previously demonstrated that infrared coagulator IRK-151 (Lumatec, Deisenhofen, Germany) is capable of creating a transmural lesion while preserving the epicardium and endocardium of the beating right atrium and right ventricle in a canine model (1). Since the original IRK-151 model contains a 3-sec timer and its plastic body is not strong enough to tolerate long coagulation times, we modified it by replacing the body with reinforced heat-resistant plastic and substituting a digital programmable timer so that it would be strong enough to perform myocardial ablation, and we demonstrated that the coagulator is capable of creating a conduction block on the beating right atrium clinically (2).