Article Abstract

Reply to comments on “Robotic-assisted right medial and anterior basal segmentectomy (S7+S8)”: lymph node dissection and incision

Authors: Jian-Tao Li, Qing-Quan Luo


In this article, we respond to the comments made by Dr. Hanna, Drs. Kim and Jeong on “Robotic-assisted right medial and anterior basal segmentectomy (S7+S8)”. Firstly, I want to explain why we did not describe any dissection of the N2 nodal stations as questioned by Dr. Hanna. We have described N2 nodal dissection in our previously published article (1). For this patient, we simply focused on sharing a step-by-step right S7+8 segmentectomy, and thus did not feel the need to describe N2 lymph node dissection. For pathologically confirmed lung cancer patients, we also start with a posterior mediastinal dissection in the same way that Dr. Hanna does.