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Optimizations of stent and tissue leaflets in a new surgical bovine pericardial valve

Authors: Jinmiao Chen, Jun Yang, Li Zhang, Wenrui Ma, Shuyang Lu, Chunsheng Wang, Tao Hong


Bovine pericardial valves, which have been used for over thirty years in cardiac surgery, offer satisfactory hemodynamic performance, low risk of infective endocarditis and avoid long-term anticoagulation treatment. Even after decades of continuous improvements, the existing bioprosthetic valves still have some drawbacks. One of these is a reduced effective orifice area (EOA) because of the malposition between the alloy wire and the stent, which is often due to the deformation of the stent structure after implantation. Reduced EOA might lead to patient-prosthesis mismatch. We adapted certain new optimizations on the stent structure and tissue leaflet matching for the purpose of improving the valve stability and durability, reducing the leaflet dynamic stress during valve opening and closing to decrease the possibility and the degrees of triangular leaflet opening, and increasing the EOA.

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