Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy: A descriptive analysis

Steven Leong, Hong Ju, Henry Marshall, Rayleen Bowman, Ian Yang, Ann-Maree Ree, Cathy Saxon, Kwun M Fong


Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) is an exciting new bronchoscopic technique that promises accurate navigation to peripheral pulmonary target lesions, using technology similar to a car global positioning system (GPS) unit. Potential uses for ENB include biopsy of peripheral lung lesions, pleural dye marking of nodules for surgical wedge resection, placement of fiducial markers for stereotactic radiotherapy, and therapeutic insertion of brachytherapy catheters into malignant tissue. This article will describe the ENB procedure, review the published literature, compare ENB to existing biopsy techniques, and outline the challenges for widespread implementation of this new technology.