Article Abstract

Reconstruction of the bronchus and pulmonary artery

Authors: Giulio Maurizi, Antonio D’Andrilli, Federico Venuta, Erino Angelo Rendina


Bronchovascular reconstructive procedures employed in order to avoid pneumonectomy (PN) in patients functionally unsuitable have provided, over time, excellent results, similar or even better than those obtained by PN. In recent years, new successful techniques have been developed that pertain in particular the prevention of major complications and the reconstruction of the pulmonary artery (PA). Encouraging data from increasing number of published experiences support the choice of parenchymal sparing procedures for lung cancer also in patients with good functional reserve. This is even more true if considering trials published in the last 10 years, thus indicating that improved outcome can be achieved with increased experience in reconstructive techniques and perioperative management. This article discusses the main technical aspects and results of literature.