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Review Article

Structured and evidence-based training of technical skills in respiratory medicine and thoracic surgery
Pia Iben Pietersen, Christian B. Laursen, René Horsleben Petersen, Lars Konge
PARP inhibitors for small cell lung cancer and their potential for integration into current treatment approaches
Ranya Barayan, Xiaozhuo Ran, Benjamin H. Lok
Patient reported outcomes: integration into clinical practices
Nakul Valsangkar, Felix Fernandez, Onkar Khullar
Management of life-threatening hemoptysis in the ICU
Ananth V. Charya, Van K. Holden, Edward M. Pickering
Ultrasound use in the ICU for interventional pulmonology procedures
Ivana Milojevic, Kewakebt Lemma, Rahul Khosla
How to obtain adequate biopsy specımen in suspected thymic tumors
Semra Bilaçeroğlu
Outcomes of robotic esophagectomy
Amy Young, José María Alvarez Gallesio, David B. Sewell, Rebecca Carr, Daniela Molena
Classification and staging of thymoma
Till Markowiak, Hans-Stefan Hofmann, Michael Ried
Managing complications of percutaneous tracheostomy and gastrostomy
Aline N. Zouk, Hitesh Batra
WBRT for brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer: for whom and when?—Contemporary point of view
Beata Sas-Korczynska, Monika Rucinska
Advances in the treatment of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) with Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine: a narrative review
Abdulbaset Al-Romaima, Yinan Liao, Jie Feng, Xihui Qin, Guiming Qin
How to prepare for academic leadership: scientific training curriculum
Isabelle Opitz, Thorsten Walles
Standard and extended sleeve resections of the tracheobronchial tree
Servet Bölükbas, Natalie Baldes, Thomas Bergmann, Michael Eberlein, Safet Beqiri
Choosing the right survey—patient reported outcomes in esophageal surgery
Maira Ahmed, Angus Lau, Dhruvin H. Hirpara, Biniam Kidane
Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic lung sparing tracheo-bronchial and carinal sleeve resections
Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Konstantinos Marios Soultanis, Alejandro Garcia, Kaiyun Yang, Yue Qing, Linhua Yie, Guangqiang Zhao, Anning Chen, Yunchao Huang, Guangjian Li, Gening Jiang
Pulmonary metastasectomy: limits to credibility
Tom Treasure, Fergus Macbeth
Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for central and ultracentral node-negative lung tumors
Dawn Owen, Terence T. Sio
Lymphadenectomy in pulmonary metastasectomy
Stefan Welter, Varun Gupta, Ioannis Kyritsis
When to suspect a thymoma: clinical point of view
Fabrizio Minervini, Gregor J. Kocher
State of the art: percutaneous tracheostomy in the intensive care unit
Christian Ghattas, Sammar Alsunaid, Edward M. Pickering, Van K. Holden
Correlation of genomic alterations and PD-L1 expression in thymoma
Dragana Jovanovic, Jelena Markovic, Vesna Ceriman, Jelena Peric, Sonja Pavlovic, Ivan Soldatovic
Systemic therapy for limited stage small cell lung carcinoma
Vanita Noronha, Anbarasan Sekhar, Vijay Maruti Patil, Nandini Menon, Amit Joshi, Akhil Kapoor, Kumar Prabhash
Minimally invasive tricuspid valve surgery
Abdelrahman Abdelbar, Ayman Kenawy, Joseph Zacharias
Status and prospects: personalized treatment and biomarker for airway remodeling in asthma
Jintao Zhang, Liang Dong
Radiotherapy for brain metastases from small-cell lung cancer in distinct clinical indications and scenarios
Lucyna Kepka, Joanna Socha, Beata Sas-Korczynska
Healthcare systems approach to patient reported outcomes—benefits and challenges in thoracic surgery
Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce
Quality of life outcomes in tracheobronchomalacia surgery
Joseph McGinn, Benoit Herbert, Andrew Maloney, Byron Patton, Richard Lazzaro
The role of pulmonary metastasectomy for pulmonary metastasis from head and neck cancer
Satoshi Shiono
Foreign body aspiration
Divyansh Bajaj, Ashutosh Sachdeva, Desh Deepak
Changing paradigm in advanced and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Dipesh Uprety, Kaushal Parikh, Anita Sawkar, Anastasios Dimou, Konstantinos Leventakos
Drugs in development for small cell lung cancer
Michael T. Serzan, Saira Farid, Stephen V. Liu
Surgical treatment strategies for invasive thymoma
Soichiro Funaki, Yasushi Shintani, Eriko Fukui, Ryu Kanzaki, Takashi Kanou, Naoko Ose, Masato Minami, Meinoshin Okumura
From female surgical resident to academic leaders: challenges and pathways forward
Gunda Leschber
How can men be good allies for women in surgery? #HeForShe
Douglas E. Wood
Women in thoracic surgery: Asian perspective
Aki K. Kobayashi
From less invasive to minimal invasive extracorporeal circulation
Kyriakos Anastasiadis, Polychronis Antonitsis, Apostolos Deliopoulos, Helena Argiriadou
Alternative methods of lymph node staging in lung cancer: a narrative review
Marcin M. Cackowski, Grzegorz M. Gryszko, Marcin Zbytniewski, Dariusz A. Dziedzic, Tadeusz M. Orłowski
Why do we need harmonization in thoracic surgery: a view from above by the European Union of Medical Specialists
Toni Lerut, Dirk Van Raemdonck, Gilbert Massard
Prophylactic cranial irradiation in non-small cell lung cancer: evidence and future development
Justyna Chalubinska-Fendler, Lucyna Kepka
Robotic-assisted tracheobronchial surgery
Brian D. Cohen, M. Blair Marshall
Radiosurgery for small-cell lung cancer brain metastases: a review
Tyler P. Robin, Chad G. Rusthoven
Paraneoplastic syndromes in small cell lung cancer
Zaid Soomro, Michael Youssef, Shlomit Yust-Katz, Ali Jalali, Akash J. Patel, Jacob Mandel
Pulmonary metastasectomy in germ cell tumors and prostate cancer
Federico Raveglia, Lorenzo Rosso, Mario Nosotti, Giuseppe Cardillo, Gabrielle Maffeis, Marco Scarci
Management of tracheobronchial injuries
Stefan Welter, Weam Essaleh
Patient reported outcomes (PROs) After minimally invasive and open esophagectomy
John J. Brady, Tadeusz D. Witek, James D. Luketich, Inderpal S. Sarkaria
Results of redo pulmonary metastasectomy
Vincenzo Ambrogi, Alessandro Tamburrini, Riccardo Tajé
Women in thoracic surgery: lesson learned from medical industry partners
Cecilia Pompili, Annette Brüls, Emily Elswick, Kate Masschelein, Leah Backhus
Multimodality approach in treatment of thymic tumors
Akif Turna, İsmail Sarbay
Putting artificial intelligence (AI) on the spot: machine learning evaluation of pulmonary nodules
Yasmeen K. Tandon, Brian J. Bartholmai, Chi Wan Koo
Anesthesia for minimally invasive cardiac surgery
Alexander White, Chinmay Patvardhan, Florian Falter
Therapeutic bronchoscopy facilitates liberation from mechanical ventilation and improves quality of life for critically ill patients with central airway obstruction
Bryan S. Benn
Hippocampal avoidance in prophylactic cranial irradiation for small cell lung cancer: benefits and pitfalls
Aswin George Abraham, Wilson Roa
Treating sleep disorders to improve blood pressure control and cardiovascular prevention: a dream come true?—a narrative review
Giuseppe Maiolino, Valeria Bisogni, Alessandro Silvani, Martino Francesco Pengo, Carolina Lombardi, Gianfranco Parati
Auditorium of the future: e learning platform
Hasan F. Batirel, Jalal Assouad, Harry Etienne, Xavier Benoit D’Journo
Choosing the right survey: the lung cancer surgery
Cecilia Pompili, Michael Koller, Galina Velikova
Symptom and functional recovery monitoring in thoracic surgery
Virginia Sun, Jae Kim
US women in thoracic surgery: reflections on the past and opportunities for the future
Ourania Preventza, Leah Backhus
Liquid biopsy is a valuable tool in the diagnosis and management of lung cancer
Matthew J. Cecchini, Eunhee S. Yi
Women in thoracic surgery: perspectives from South America
Maria Teresa R. Tsukazan, Paula A. Ugalde
The epidemiology and biology of pulmonary metastases
William D. Gerull, Varun Puri, Benjamin D. Kozower
Comparison of PD-L1 immunohistochemical assays and the significance of PD-L1 expression in thymoma
Shintaro Yokoyama, Hiroaki Miyoshi
Medical thoracoscopy in intensive care unit
Sanket Thakore, Abdul Hamid Alraiyes, Fayez Kheir
Proton beam radiotherapy for esophagus cancer: state of the art
Kimberly R. Gergelis, Krishan R. Jethwa, Erik J. Tryggestad, Jonathan B. Ashman, Michael G. Haddock, Christopher L. Hallemeier
Multimodal and palliative treatment of patients with pulmonary metastases
Natalie Baldes, Michael Eberlein, Servet Bölükbas
Epidemiology of thymoma
Anna L. Rich
Pulmonary metastasectomy in colorectal carcinoma
Paul Beckers, Lawek Berzenji, Suresh K. Yogeswaran, Patrick Lauwers, Giada Bilotta, Nikol Shkarpa, Jeroen Hendriks, Paul E. Van Schil
Narrative review of sleep and stroke
Laura Pérez-Carbonell, Saima Bashir
Sleep disorder in patients with chronic liver disease: a narrative review
Neeraj Mukesh Shah, Akanksha Mimi Malhotra, Georgios Kaltsakas
Teaching non-technical skills: the patient centered approach
Gianluca Casali, Gareth Lock, Nuria M. Novoa
Effect of operative approach on quality of life following anatomic lung cancer resection
Emily S. Singer, Peter J. Kneuertz, Jennifer Nishimura, Desmond M. D’Souza, Ellen Diefenderfer, Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, Robert E. Merritt
Immunotherapy for extensive stage small cell lung cancer
Jose M. Pacheco
Surgery for limited stage small cell lung cancer
Anna K. Gergen, Christopher D. Scott, John D. Mitchell
Women in thoracic surgery: social media and the value of mentorship
Erin M. Corsini, Jessica G. Y. Luc, Mara B. Antonoff
Trends in ambient air pollution levels and PM2.5 chemical compositions in four Chinese cities from 1995 to 2017
Zixuan Yin, Xiaofeng Huang, Lingyan He, Suzhen Cao, Junfeng (Jim) Zhang
An evolving role for endobronchial ultrasonography in the intensive care unit
Or Kalchiem-Dekel, Saamia Hossain, Cosmin Gauran, Jason A. Beattie, Bryan C. Husta, Robert P. Lee, Mohit Chawla
An overview of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement in the intensive care unit
Margaret Wei, Elliot Ho, Pravachan Hegde
The role of radiological imaging for masses in the prevascular mediastinum in clinical practice
Helmut Prosch, Sebastian Röhrich, Zeynep Nilufer Tekin, Lukas Ebner
The critical role of learning from investigating and debriefing adverse events
Siva Raja, Virginia R. Litle
Image guided thermal ablation in lung cancer treatment
Miao Lin, Pat Eiken, Shanda Blackmon
Overview of the outcomes of robotic segmentectomy and lobectomy
Giulia Veronesi, Pierluigi Novellis, Gianluca Perroni
Women in thoracic surgery: European perspectives
Cecilia Pompili, Giulia Veronesi, Nuria M. Novoa, Maria Teresa Gomez-Hernandez, Annabel J. Sharkey, Farah Bhatti, Isabelle Opitz
The national and global impact of “Women in Thoracic Surgery”
Lauren Kane, Virginia R. Litle, Shanda H. Blackmon, Jane Yanagawa
Mobility during and after training: autobiography and advice to early career colleagues
Carolina Torres, Anna Elisabeth Frick
Genomic alterations in thymoma—molecular pathogenesis?
Felicitas Oberndorfer, Leonhard Müllauer
Anesthetic considerations for tracheobronchial surgery
Anna Schleicher, Harald Groeben
Prophylaxis and management of postoperative complications after tracheobronchial surgery
Corinna Ludwig
Systemic therapy options following first-line chemoimmunotherapy in small-cell lung cancer
Jose M. Pacheco
Pulmonary metastasectomy in the era of targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Christopher Y. Bong, B. Mark Smithers, Terence C. Chua
Managing complications of pleural procedures
John G. Williams, Andrew D. Lerner
Wound care management: tracheostomy and gastrostomy
Sammar Alsunaid, Van K. Holden, Akshay Kohli, Jose Diaz, Lindsay B. O’Meara
Thoracic positron emission tomography: 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose and beyond
Timothy J. Jaykel, Michael S. Clark, Daniel A. Adamo, Brain T. Welch, Scott M. Thompson, Jason R. Young, Eric C. Ehman
Pathology of thymoma—where are we today?
Irshad Nabi Soomro
Does a thoracoscopic approach provide better outcomes for pulmonary metastases?
Aizemaiti Rusidanmu, Wenjie Chin, Jinming Xu, Luming Wang, Zhehao He, Xiayi Lv, Jian Hu
Robotic first rib resection for thoracic outlet syndrome
Farid Gharagozloo, Nabhan Atiquzzaman, Mark Meyer, Barbara Tempesta, Scott Werden
Harmonisation of respiratory medicine: the success story of European curriculum development
Daiana Stolz, Nathalie Tabin, Amy Farr
Tracheotomy, closure of long-term tracheostomy and standard tracheal segmental resections
Alper Toker, J. Awori Hayanga, Ankit Dhamija, Robert Herron, Ghulam Abbas
Prophylactic cranial irradiation or MRI surveillance for extensive stage small cell lung cancer
James M. Taylor, Chad G. Rusthoven, Drew Moghanaki
Technique of laryngotracheal resection in subglottic stenosis
Erich Stoelben, Armen Aleksanyan
Pulmonary metastasectomy in renal cell carcinoma: a mainstay of multidisciplinary treatment
Joseph Seitlinger, Mathilde Prieto, Joelle Siat, Stéphane Renaud
Autoimmune disorders and paraneoplastic syndromes in thymoma
Torsten Gerriet Blum, Daniel Misch, Jens Kollmeier, Sebastian Thiel, Torsten T. Bauer
The intersection of bronchoscopy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Julie Lin, Laura Frye
Radiation and immunotherapy: emerging mechanisms of synergy
William G. Breen, Konstantinos Leventakos, Haidong Dong, Kenneth W. Merrell
Immunotherapy for thymoma
Marko Jakopovic, Lela Bitar, Fran Seiwerth, Ante Marusic, Kristina Krpina, Miroslav Samarzija
Immunotherapy in patients with autoimmune disease
Sagar Rakshit, Julian R. Molina
Implications of the updated Lung CT Screening Reporting and Data System (Lung-RADS version 1.1) for lung cancer screening
Spencer C. Dyer, Brian J. Bartholmai, Chi Wan Koo
Beyond the learning curve: a review of complex cases in robotic thoracic surgery
Travis C. Geraci, Joshua Scheinerman, David Chen, Amie Kent, Costas Bizekis, Robert J. Cerfolio, Michael D. Zervos
Sleep disordered breathing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a narrative review on classification, pathophysiology and clinical outcomes
Rebecca F. D’Cruz, Patrick B. Murphy, Georgios Kaltsakas

Original Article

Improving patient engagement, adherence, and satisfaction in lung cancer surgery with implementation of a mobile device platform for patient reported outcomes
Peter J. Kneuertz, Niveditha Jagadesh, Alicia Perkins, Morgan Fitzgerald, Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, Robert E. Merritt, Desmond M. D’Souza
The role of postoperative radiotherapy for thymomas: a multicentric retrospective evaluation from three Italian centers and review of the literature
Alessio Bruni, Alessandro Stefani, Marco Perna, Paolo Borghetti, Niccolò Giaj Levra, Elisa D’Angelo, Alessandra D’Onofrio, Laura Rubino, Luca Frassinelli, Viola Salvestrini, Matteo Mariotti, Filippo Alongi, Alessandro Gonfiotti, Lorenzo Livi, Vieri Scotti
An artificial neural network model predicting pathologic nodal metastases in clinical stage I–II esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients
Xiao-Long Liu, Chen-Ye Shao, Lei Sun, Yi-Yang Liu, Li-Wen Hu, Zhuang-Zhuang Cong, Yang Xu, Rong-Chun Wang, Jun Yi, Wei Wang
Impact of EGFR amplification on survival of patients with EGFR exon 20 insertion-positive non-small cell lung cancer
Xin Gao, Xue-Wu Wei, Ming-Ying Zheng, Zhi-Hong Chen, Xu-Chao Zhang, Wen-Zhao Zhong, Jin-Ji Yang, Yi-Long Wu, Qing Zhou
Influence of moderate hypothermic circulatory arrest on outcome in patients undergoing elective replacement of thoracic aorta
Mohamed Salem, Christine Friedrich, Alexander Thiem, Mostafa Ahmed Salem, Yasemin Erdal, Thomas Puehler, Rene Rusch, Rouven Berndt, Jochen Cremer, Assad Haneya
Apnoea-hypopnoea-index comparing the 2007 and 2012 American Academy of Sleep Medicine criteria in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/obstructive sleep apnoea overlap syndrome
Baiting He, Miral Al-Sherif, Yingxin Wu, Sean Higgins, Esther Irene Schwarz, Yuanming Luo, Azza Farag Said, Nezar Refat, Nashwa Hassan Abdel Wahab, Joerg Steier
Coronary artery calcium scoring on non-gated, non-contrast chest computed tomography (CT) using wide-detector, high-pitch and fast gantry rotation: comparison with dedicated calcium scoring CT
Jae Min Shin, Tae Hoon Kim, Ji Young Kim, Chul Hwan Park
Isolated tricuspid valve surgery after congenital versus left heart- disease surgery: mid-term outcomes
Hong Cao, Xiaoxi Yang, Pablo Maureira, Jinping Liu, Junwei Liu, Pan Dan, Maxime Hubert, Jean-Pierre Villemot, Nianguo Dong, Yihua Liu
Risk factors and long-term outcomes of elderly patients complicating with acute kidney injury after type A acute aortic dissection surgery: a retrospective study
Zhigang Wang, Min Ge, Tao Chen, Cheng Chen, Qiuyan Zong, Lichong Lu, Kunsheng Li, Dongjin Wang
Feasibility of thoracoscopic pulmonary bullectomy using a transareolar approach for treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Tomohiro Yazawa, Hitoshi Igai, Fumi Ohsawa, Ryohei Yoshikawa, Natsumi Matsuura, Mitsuhiro Kamiyoshihara
Comparison of different surgical approaches for anterior mediastinal tumor
Yong Mao, Yuting Lan, Fei Cui, Hongsheng Deng, Yaoliang Zhang, Xi Wu, Wenhua Liang, Jun Liu, Hengrui Liang, Jianxing He
Four-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging study to explain high prevalence of pulmonary vein stump thrombus after left upper lobectomy
Tadashi Umehara, Koji Takumi, Kazuhiro Ueda, Takuya Tokunaga, Aya Harada-Takeda, Soichi Suzuki, Masami Sato
Clinical utility of a composite scoring system including Charlson Comorbidity Index score in patients with interstitial lung disease
Hiroyuki Yagyu, Kota Murohashi, Yu Hara, Yusuke Saigusa, Ayako Aoki, Nobuaki Kobayashi, Takeshi Kaneko
Reasons for extended length of stay following chest tube removal in general thoracic surgical patients
Ammar Asban, Rongbing Xie, Peter Abraham, James K. Kirklin, James Donahue, Benjamin Wei
Genomic alterations of whole exome sequencing in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma before and after radiotherapy
Guixiang Weng, Wei Zhao, Yanwei Yin, Suzhen Wang, Lei Du, Ning Liu, Dianbin Mu, Qingxi Yu, Shuanghu Yuan
Lobectomy is superior to segmentectomy for peripheral high grade non-small cell lung cancer ≤2 cm
Mirza Zain Baig, Syed S. Razi, Joanna F. Weber, Cliff P. Connery, Faiz Y. Bhora
The impacts of ubiquilin 1 (UBQLN1) knockdown on cells viability, proliferation, and apoptosis are mediated by p53 in A549 lung cancer cells
Xinghua Zhang, Yunshu Su, Huiqing Lin, Xiaoli Yao
Risk factors related to the recurrence of pneumothorax in patients with emphysema
Beomsu Shin, Sae Byol Kim, Chang Wan Kim, Il Hwan Park, Won-Yeon Lee, Chun Sung Byun
Use of endoscopic ultrasound in pre-treatment staging of esophageal cancer did not alter management plan
Mark Radlinski, Linda W. Martin, Dustin M. Walters, Patrick Northup, Andrew Y. Wang, Terri Rodee, Bryan G. Sauer, Vanessa M. Shami
The global COVID-19 pandemic at a crossroads: relevant countermeasures and ways ahead
Yimin Zhou, Jun Li, Zuguo Chen, Qingsong Luo, Xiangdong Wu, Lingjian Ye, Haiyang Ni, Chunnan Fei
Respiratory health effects of residential individual and cumulative risk factors in children living in two cities of the Pearl River Delta Region, China
Jianqing Lin, Weiwei Lin, Zixuan Yin, Xi Fu, Dejian Mai, Shaojie Fu, Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, Jicheng Gong, Ning Feng, Lingyan He
Pulmonary metastasectomy in soft tissue sarcomas: a systematic review
Davor Stamenovic, Peter Hohenberger, Eric Roessner
Difference in inflammation, atherosclerosis, and platelet activation between coronary artery aneurysm and coronary artery ectasia
Wei Wei, Xingxu Wang, Zhenghao Huang, Xiaolin Li, Yu Luo
Economic evaluation of the specialized donor care facility for thoracic organ donor management
Jason M. Gauthier, Maria B. Majella Doyle, William C. Chapman, Gary Marklin, Chad A. Witt, Elbert P. Trulock, Derek E. Byers, Ramsey R. Hachem, Michael K. Pasque, Bryan F. Meyers, G. Alexander Patterson, Ruben G. Nava, Benjamin D. Kozower, Daniel Kreisel, Su-Hsin Chang, Varun Puri
WNT/β-catenin pathway activation via Wnt1 overexpression and Axin1 downregulation correlates with cadherin-catenin complex disruption and increased lymph node involvement in micropapillary-predominant lung adenocarcinoma
Liang Zhu, Shifeng Yang, Linfeng Zheng, Gu Zhang, Guoping Cheng
Prevalence of respiratory diseases in relation to smoking rate in adults living in four Chinese cities: a comparison between 2017– 2018 and 1993–1996
Meilin Yan, Jicheng Gong, Qin Liu, Wenyan Li, Xiaoli Duan, Suzhen Cao, Sai Li, Lingyan He, Zixuan Yin, Weiwei Lin, Junfeng Jim Zhang
Pulmonary emphysema is associated with fungal sensitization in asthma
Yuta Kono, Masako To, Ryuta Tsuzuki, Satoshi Yamawaki, Seiko Soeda, Yasuo To
On-pump versus off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery for multi-vessel coronary revascularization
Alina Zubarevich, Bakytbek Kadyraliev, Vagram Arutyunyan, Vahe Chragyan, Magomedganipa Askadinov, Artem Sozkov, Danil Ponomarev, Irina Zyazeva, Michel Pompeu Barros Oliveira Sá, Anja Osswald, Konstantinos Tsagakis, Daniel Wendt, Arjang Ruhparwar, Alexander Weymann, Konstantin Zhigalov
Risk factors of postoperative recurrence and potential candidate of adjuvant radiotherapy in lung adenosquamous carcinoma
Jianjiao Ni, Zhiqin Zheng, Juan Li, Yuan Li, Min Fan, Liang Liu
Bioprosthetic or mechanical heart valves: prosthesis choice for borderline patients?—Results from 9,616 cases recorded in Polish national cardiac surgery registry
Krzysztof Bartus, Radosław Litwinowicz, Jerzy Sadowski, Grzegorz Filip, Mariusz Kowalewski, Piotr Suwalski, Piotr Mazur, Anna Kędziora, Marek Jasiński, Marek Deja, Mariusz Kuśmierczyk, Pawel Czub, Michal Zembala, Marek Jemielity, Rafał Pawlaczyk, Zdzisław Tobota, Bohdan Maruszewski, Boguslaw Kapelak
Preliminary investigation of relationship between clinical indicators and CT manifestation patterns of COVID-19 pneumonia improvement
Nannan Shi, Fengxiang Song, Fengjun Liu, Pengrui Song, Yang Lu, Qinguo Hou, Xinyan Hua, Yun Ling, Jiulong Zhang, Chao Huang, Lei Shi, Zhiyong Zhang, Fei Shan, Qi Zhang, Yuxin Shi
Remifentanil versus dexmedetomidine for treatment of cardiac surgery patients with moderate to severe noninvasive ventilation intolerance (REDNIVIN): a prospective, cohort study
Guang-Wei Hao, Jing-Chao Luo, Yan Xue, Guo-Guang Ma, Ying Su, Jun-Yi Hou, Shen-Ji Yu, Kai Liu, Ji-Li Zheng, Guo-Wei Tu, Zhe Luo
Effects of indoor environment and lifestyle on respiratory health of children in Chongqing, China
Wenyan Li, Qin Liu, Yiwen Chen, Bo Yang, Xin Huang, Yueyue Li, Junfeng Zhang
Changes in children’s respiratory morbidity and residential exposure factors over 25 years in Chongqing, China
Yueyue Li, Xin Huang, Qin Liu, Wenyan Li, Bo Yang, Yiwen Chen, Weiwei Lin, Junfeng Jim Zhang
The prognostic value of pretreatment prognostic nutritional index in patients with small cell lung cancer and it’s influencing factors: a meta-analysis of observational studies
Ai-Min Jiang, Rui Zhao, Na Liu, Yu-Yan Ma, Meng-Di Ren, Tao Tian, Yu Yao
Impact of the interferon-γ release assay and glomerular filtration rate on the estimation of active tuberculosis risk before bronchoscopic examinations: a retrospective pilot study
Fumihiro Yamaguchi, Haruka Yoda, Mina Hiraiwa, Yo Shiratori, Shota Onozaki, Mari Ito, Saori Kashima, Miku Kosuge, Kenji Atarashi, Hidekazu Cho, Shohei Shimizu, Akira Fujishima, Ayaka Mase, Yuki Osakabe, Toshitaka Funaki, Daisuke Inoue, Yohei Yamazaki, Hidetsugu Tateno, Takuya Yokoe, Yusuke Shikama
Pattern of subcarinal lymph node metastasis and dissection strategy for thoracic esophageal cancer
Qi-Xin Shang, Yun-Cang Wang, Yu-Shang Yang, Wei-Peng Hu, Long-Qi Chen


Introduction: airway surgery—pushing the limits
Servet Bölükbas
Advancements and lingering challenges in addressing public health disasters
Phillip M. Singer
Modern management of pulmonary metastases (Preface)
Khosro Hekmat
Current practice in thoracic neoplasm diagnosis, evaluation and treatment
Chi Wan Koo
Patient-reported outcomes in thoracic surgery—opportunities and current challenges
Peter J. Kneuertz, Ann Scheck McAlearney, Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce
Outcomes and technique of robotic diaphragm plication
Lana Schumacher, Danjing Zhao
What is the role of consolidative thoracic radiotherapy in the era of chemo-immunotherapy for extensive stage small cell lung cancer?
Kristin A. Higgins, Ben J. Slotman
Seeking the holy grail of markers
Marco Anile, Sara Mantovani, Jacopo Vannucci, Massimiliano Bassi, Daniele Diso, Federico Venuta
Novel insights into the molecular basis of calcific aortic valve disease
Jaana Rysä
Comments on therapy option for primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Zixuan Chen, Weijun Zhao, Linyao Wang, Ke Jin, Jianfei Shen
Small cell lung cancer: updates and future directions
Jose M. Pacheco
Methodology of curriculum development
Nathalie Tabin, Carine Pannetier, Daiana Stolz
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis management: caring is sparing
Stefano Nava, Irene Prediletto
Transcatheter pulmonary valve replacement: an option for some but not for all
Chirag Bavishi, Paul C. Gordon, Frank W. Sellke
To resect, or not to resect: that is the question...
Caecilia Ng, Herbert Maier, Florian Augustin
Revealing the mysteries of thymoma
Dragana Jovanovic, Semra Bilaceroglu
Specialist training in Europe: introduction to a special issue of the Journal of Thoracic Diseases
Gilbert Massard, Daiana Stolz
Treatment of brain metastases from lung cancer: challenging the historical nihilism concerning prognosis
Lucyna Kepka

Letter to the Editor

Clinical features of 64 patients (outside Hubei) with COVID-19 in Wenzhou, China
Zhangwei Qiu, Wei Dai, Madiha-Zahra Syeda, Liujian Ouyang, Jie Lin, Laifang Sun, Zhefeng Leng, Xinmiao Chen, Xiaoting Xu, Yaxin Zhao, Binyu Ying, Xian Shen, Songmin Ying, Yuanrong Dai

Surgical Technique

Implementation of simulation-based crisis training in robotic thoracic surgery: how to improve safety and performance?
Jean-Marc Baste, Benjamin Bottet, Jean Selim, Matthieu Sarsam, Antoine Lefevre-Scelles, Marie-Melody Dusseaux, Sébastien Franchina, Anne-Sophie Palenzuela, Abdeslam Chagraoui, Christophe Peillon, Alexandre Thouroude, Jean-Pierre Henry, Jean-Michel M. Coq, Louis Sibert, Cédric Damm
Non-intubated uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: lobectomy and systemic lymph node dissection
Haoyou Wang, Jijia Li, Yu Liu, Gebang Wang, Pingwen Yu, Hongxu Liu
Robotic pulmonary segmentectomy
Kelsey A. Musgrove, Charlotte R. Spear, Kamil Abbas, Britney R. Harris, Ghulam Abbas
Technique of robotic esophagectomy
Tadeusz D. Witek, John J. Brady, Inderpal S. Sarkaria