Vol 9, Supplement 1 (March 2017): Journal of Thoracic Disease [Dedicated to the Munich Symposium on Cardiac Development (2016)]


Cardiac development: from current understanding to new regenerative concepts
Stefanie A. Doppler, Rüdiger Lange, Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Markus Krane

Review Article

New Lncs to mesendoderm specification
Michael Alexanian, Thierry Pedrazzini, Samir Ounzain
Strategies for the acquisition of transcriptional and epigenetic information in single cells
Guang Li, Elda Dzilic, Nick Flores, Alice Shieh, Sean M. Wu
Role of circulating factors in cardiac aging
Antonio Cannatà, Gabriella Marcon, Giovanni Cimmino, Luca Camparini, Giulio Ciucci, Gianfranco Sinagra, Francesco S. Loffredo
Monocytes and macrophages in cardiac injury and repair
Hendrik B. Sager, Thorsten Kessler, Heribert Schunkert
Cardiac fibroblasts: more than mechanical support
Stefanie A. Doppler, Catarina Carvalho, Harald Lahm, Marcus-André Deutsch, Martina Dreßen, Nazan Puluca, Rüdiger Lange, Markus Krane
The role of transforming growth factor (TGF)-β in the infarcted myocardium
Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis
MicroRNAs: pleiotropic players in congenital heart disease and regeneration
Sarah C. Hoelscher, Stefanie A. Doppler, Martina Dreßen, Harald Lahm, Rüdiger Lange, Markus Krane