Vol 9, Supplement 11 (October 2017): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Focused on Lung Cancer Precision Medicine)

Meet the Professor

Prof. Jianhua Chang: gaining a foothold in China, launching Chinese-style clinical trials
Molly Wang, Mike Cheung
Prof. Yuan Chen: with both a benevolent heart and healing hands
Macy Liu, Mike Cheung
Prof. Yun Fan: persistence guarantees expertise, patience conquers difficulties
Kai-Ping Zhang, Li Ma
Prof. Yi Hu: a doctor of acute insight and action
Renfang Wang, Tanlun Yu
Prof. Hong Jian: dreams come true—stay true to yourself!
Crystal Yan, Monica Liu, Vicky Wong
Prof. Junling Li: the responsibility of a doctor
Siying Yan, Vivian Kong
Prof. Anwen Liu: promoting knowledge in medicine and discipline construction, bring benefits to patients
Molly Wang, Lynn Ma
Prof. Kewei Ma: a kind soul with a beautiful heart who lives without regrets
Lili Liao, Bella Poon, Kevin Phan
Prof. Yongqian Shu: I do my best to make patients live longer and better
Crystal Yan, Fen Xiong, Tung-Lun Shih
Prof. Zhehai Wang: medicine requires great talent and high moral standards
Monica L. Liu, Yating Kong
Prof. Yilong Wu: a great doctor must have great virtue, and be the most proficient to reach supreme goodness
Weiyan Jiang, Tunglun Shih, Kevin Phan
Prof. Congying Xie: early screening and diagnosis, delivering happiness
Kai -Ping Zhang, Bella Poon
Prof. Li Zhang: what can serve the nation can only serve the world
Helen Seliman, Brad Li
Prof. Li Zhang, a brisk PUMCH doctor with sunshine
Renfang Wang, Chao-Xiu (Melanie) He
Prof. Helong Zhang: a skillful doctor loyal to his profession
Wenke Hsu, Jiaying Bai
“The doctor should doctor; the teacher should teach; the researcher should research”—an indepth interview with Prof. Qing Zhou
Chao-Xiu(Melanie) He, Chengying Lin