Prof. Walter McNicholas: sleep apnea—a disease calling for attention

Posted On 2014-07-30 17:17:12

As a leading international authority in translational research on sleep-related breathing disorders who has published over 170 papers in Pub-Med listed Journals, and has held competitive grants from agencies such as the Health Research Board (Ireland) on a continuous basis for nearly 30 years, Professor Walter McNicholas is now the Vice President of the European Sleep Research Society and President of the European Board of Accreditation in Pneumology. During our interview with him at the Third International Conference on Respiratory Disease on October 11, 2013, JTD is greatly honored to have Prof. McNicholas to share his profound understanding and extensive experience in sleep apnea on a wide range of topics including consequences of sleep apnea, the relation of sleep apnea with snoring, obesity, COPD, asthma, the vistas of the treatment of sleep apnea, as well as his advice for patients with sleep apnea to improve their life quality.


Professor Walter McNicholas