Vol 8, Supplement 1 (February 2016): Post-operative Care in Thoracic Surgery

Posted On 2016-12-28 18:03:32

For the first time, we are dedicating an entire Special Issue to advances in Perioperative Care in Thoracic Surgery. Perioperative management is being given its own deserved spotlight, away from the distraction of glitzy articles on operative technique and expensive new technologies. This Special Issue begins with a large section on how success has been achieved with Clinical Pathways and Fast Track programs for Thoracic Surgery in different parts of the world. Readers can see what has worked in their own region, as well as learn from experiences in other regions. It then explores some of the key specific improvements that can promote better patient outcomes, including advanced anesthetic and analgesic strategies, and modern postoperative chest drain and air leak management. The third section looks at more holistic approaches, away from conventional physician-led ‘medicine’. The role of nurses, physiotherapists and rehabilitative therapy is explained. The articles in this Special Issue have been written by experts in Perioperative Care who have achieved outstanding results with patients undergoing Thoracic Surgery. Readers have much to gain from their sharing of their wealth of experience.