Vol 9, Supplement 11 (October 2017): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Focused on Lung Cancer Precision Medicine)

Posted On 2017-12-12 14:15:43

Cancer medicine has evolved in recent years thanks to advances in cancer biology, allowing many dedicated scientists and medical oncologists to thoroughly investigate the inner core of cancer cells. The initiative of JTD to gather some of the most prominent Chinese researchers in the field of lung cancer is certainly inspiring for members of the scientific community, especially those dedicated to lung cancer. The selection of Chinese scholars is not arbitrary since all epitomize the main virtues of researchers: full motivation, curiosity, determination and ceaseless work. The readers will find a cornucopia of information on the successes of different Chinese careers and an immense fountain of information and inspiration. Certainly, such salient investigators’ interviews provide a spearhead for further investigators in the complex field of cancer.

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