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Screen-detected multiple primary lung cancers in the ITALUNG trial

	author = {Mario Mascalchi and Camilla E. Comin and Elena Bertelli and Lapo Sali and Cristina Maddau and Stefania Zuccherelli and Giulia Picozzi and Laura Carrozzi and Michela Grazzini and Gabriella Fontanini and Luca Voltolini and Alessandra Vella and Francesca Castiglione and Francesca Carozzi and Eugenio Paci and Maurizio Zompatori and Andrea Lopes Pegna and Fabio Falaschi and for the ITALUNG Study Research Group},
	title = {Screen-detected multiple primary lung cancers in the ITALUNG trial},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
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	year = {2018},
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	abstract = {Occurrence of multiple primary lung cancers (MPLC) in individuals undergoing low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) screening has not been thoroughly addressed. We investigated MPLC in subjects recruited in the ITALUNG randomized clinical trial. Cases of cytologically/histologically proven MPLC detected at screening LDCT or follow-up CT were selected and pathologically re-evaluated according to the WHO 2015 classification. Overall 16 MPLC were diagnosed at screening LDCT (n=14, all present at baseline) or follow-up CT (n=2) in six subjects (4 in one subject, 3 in two and 2 in three subjects), representing 0.43% of the 1,406 screenees and 15.8% of the 38 subjects with at least one screen-detected primary lung cancer. MPLC included 9 adenocarcinomas in three subjects and a combination of 7 different tumour histotypes in three subjects. MPLC, mostly adenocarcinomas, are not uncommon in smokers and ex-smokers with at least one LDCT screen detected primary lung cancer.},
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