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Management of incidental lung nodules <8 mm in diameter

	author = {Marcelo Sánchez and Mariana Benegas and Ivan Vollmer},
	title = {Management of incidental lung nodules <8 mm in diameter},
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	year = {2018},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Due to the increase of incidentally detected pulmonary nodules and the information obtained from several screening programs, updated guidelines with new recommendations for the management of small pulmonary nodules have been proposed. These international guidelines coincide in proposing periodic follow-up for small nodules, less than 8 mm of diameter. Fleischner and British Thoracic Society guidelines are the most recent and popular guidelines for incidental pulmonary nodules management. They have specific recommendations according to nodule characteristics (density and size) and cancer risk of the patient. Both guidelines separate recommendations for solid and subsolid nodules. Predictive risk models have been developed to improve the nodule management. In certain cases follow up may not be the best option. We discuss the scenarios and options to achieve a histologic diagnosis of these tiny pulmonary nodules.},
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