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Are there any theranostic biomarkers in small cell lung carcinoma?

	author = {Federica Pezzuto and Francesco Fortarezza and Francesca Lunardi and Fiorella Calabrese},
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	abstract = {Small cell lung cancer (SCLC), an aggressive lung tumour with a poor prognosis, has a high load of somatic mutations, mainly induced by tobacco carcinogens given the strong association with smoking. Advances in genomic, epigenetic and proteomic profiling have significantly improved our understanding of the molecular and cellular biology of SCLC. Given the high mutational burden of SCLC the immune microenvironment is another exciting area under investigation even if it seems to be quite distinct from that of other solid tumours. In this review we will outline the current progress in molecular etiology of SCLC mentioning some key markers considered promising theranostic biomarkers.},
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