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Introduction to JTD Cough Section

	author = {Peter Dicpinigaitis},
	title = {Introduction to  JTD  Cough Section},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
	volume = {8},
	number = {3},
	year = {2016},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Cough is among the most common complaints for which patients worldwide seek medical attention (1). Acute cough, defined as cough of less than 3 weeks’ duration, is often transient and self-limited, although it may cause significant morbidity (2). Chronic cough (>8 weeks duration) often responds to targeted therapy once the underlying cause is defined but, unfortunately, a significant subgroup of such patients proves refractory to thorough and appropriate management protocols (3). Indeed, the challenge presented by patients with chronic cough has led numerous respiratory societies to publish cough evaluation and management guidelines to aid clinicians in treating this difficult and complex patient population (4).},
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