J. Patrick Barron, MD

Communications and Language International Communications Center, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan

Professor Patrick, Vice President of the World Bronchology Federation, Secretary General of the International Photodynamic Association, holds the honor as Vice Chairman of the Board of Japanese Society for Medical English Education and Chairman of Department of International Medical Communications for his outstanding contribution in the medical editorial field.

Besides acting as the Consultant for the International College of Surgeons (Japan Chapter), the International Advisory Board for Asian Pacific Society for Respirology, the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus., he also plays an active part in a wide range of medical journals including CHEST, the Journal of Bronchology, Respirology, Breast Cancer, Haigan (lung cancer), the Journal of the Japanese Society for Respiratory Tract Endoscopy, Byori to Rinsho (pathology and clinical medicine), the Journal of the Japanese Society for Geriatrics, Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, and the Japanese Journal of Vascular Surgery as well as being Editorial Consultant for the Journal of Gastroenterology.

Since 1980, he has translated and edited more than a dozen medical textbooks among which the translation of Practical Fiberoptic Esophagoscopy was awarded the Translation Publishing Culture Prize(Honyaku Shuppan Bunka Sho)in 1987. Furthermore, he has dedicated to the promotion of English for Medical Purposes education in Japan as well as for its standardization and globalization throughout the world. He proposed and directed the The Examination in Competency in English for Medical Purposes and the establishment of The International Medical Communications Center of Tokyo Medical University and the Medical Interpreters and Translators Association.