Stefan Schraag, MD, PhD, FRCA, FFICM

Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, UK

Prof. Schraag is a senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist and Intensivist and the Clinical Lead in Peri- operative Medicine at Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, Glasgow, UK. Academically, he is the responsible Quality Audit and Research Co-ordinator of the Health Services Research Centre. He is Visiting Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Strathclyde as well as Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow. He retains his academic links to the University of Ulm in Germany, his alma mater, where he holds an APL Professor of Anaesthesia.

Prof. Schraag gained his medical education in Germany at the Universities of Hamburg and Tübingen, as well as in the UK at University College London. In 1994 he achieved an MD in Medical Virology and later in 2000 a PhD in Neurophysiology. In 1993 he was a Research Fellowship at the Department of Anaesthetic Technology and Systems Engineering, University of Ulm and in 1996 a Visiting Professor in the Academic Department of Anaesthesia at University of Glasgow where he developed a prototype for target controlled infusion of Remifentanil.

He was certified as specialist in Anaesthesia (CCT) in 1995 and later in Intensive Care Medicine (1998). I also graduated in Hospital Management with an MBA in 2001. He further specialised in cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia.

His research activities are focused on anaesthetic pharmacology, automated drug delivery and brain function monitoring. He is also interested in peri-operative pain modulation, cardiovascular pharmacology and outcomes research. For many years he has been publishing in several high-ranked peer-reviewed scientific journals and lecturing in many national and international meetings.

He is the chairman of the European Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia (EuroSIVA). He is also active as scientific program committee adviser (subcommittee pharmacology) for the European Society of Anaesthesiologists (ESA). Recently, he has been appointed as senior clinical advisor to an IHO quality improvement program on perioperative patient flow at the Golden Jubilee Foundation.