Yugo Tanaka, MD

Division of Thoracic Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan


Minimal invasive surgery (VATS)
Extended surgery for thoracic malignancies

1996-2002 : Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
2002 : M.D. Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
2009 : Ph.D. Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Scientific & Medical Training

June, 2002 - May, 2003: Resident at Kobe University Hospital (General Surgery)
June, 2003 - May, 2005: Resident at National Hospital of Osaka (General Surgery)
June, 2005 – March, 2006: Resident at Kobe University Hospital (Respiratory surgery)
April, 2006 – Sep., 2009: Post-graduate Course and Senior Resident at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine (oncology, tumor biology)
Oct., 2009- Jan., 2011: Post-doctoral position at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
May,2011- Aug., 2013: Research fellow at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Lung Transplantation)
Sep.,2013- Feb., 2016: Assistant professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine (General Thoracic Surgery)
Mar.,2016- : Associate professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine (General Thoracic Surgery)

Board Certification: 

2002- Japanese Medical License Registration
2007- Japanese Board of General Surgery
2010- Japanese Board of Thoracic Surgery

List of publications in impacted journals
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