Ki-Suck Jung, MD, PhD

Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University Medical College, Anyang, Gyunggi, South Korea

Dr. Ki-Suck Jung assumes the President of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, he is also a Professor in Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine of Hallym University Medical College, Chair of Guideline Control Committee of The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases and Chair of Education Committee of Korean Academy of Internal Medicine. Besides, he is an Advisory Member of Korea CDC, as well as the Korea Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Administration.

His mainly interests are Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD and Bronchial Asthma) and Pulmonary infection. For obstructive pulmonary disease, he is now working as a Secretary General of Korea COPD study group. He is also currently a Steering Committee Member of Korea Asthma Study Group. He has participated more than 30 global and domestic clinical trials on bronchial asthma and COPD in recent 10 years, and he has participated in the establishment and maintenance of COPD Day in Korea for several years as a director of information board of Korean Respiratory Society. He is also chairing KOCOSS group (Korea COPD Subgroup Study Team), which has more than 40 university affiliated/general hospitals as primary participants in Korea. Recently he worked as a Steering Committee Member for 2012 Korean COPD Guideline. He has published more than 160 papers in the field of pulmonary medicine since 1990.

For pulmonary infection, he has been studying epidemiology, clinical features of pneumonia including both community-acquired and hospital-acquired pneumonia. He published data on several invasive procedures which enables determining diagnosis and management of pneumonia. He also published on early detection of multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis cases by analyzing genetic sequence of M.Tbc. Recently he has published 1st Korean CAP guideline as a co-chair. He has conducted several clinical trials on pulmonary infection. His current study regarding pulmonary infections are prevalence of pertussis in Korean adults, etiologic pathogens in acute bronchitis patients and clinical manifestations of CAP in Korea, all of which are funded by Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare.