Hitoshi Igai, MD, PhD

Department of General Thoracic Surgery, Maebashi Red Cross Hospital, Gunma, Japan

Dr. Igai graduated and received his medical degree from Kagawa Medical School in 2002. And, he obtained a PhD at Faculty of Medicine of Kagawa University in 2009.

He completed his Thoracic Surgery Residency at the Department of General Thoracic, Breast and Endocrinological Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University. He worked at Kurashiki Central Hospital as a Staff Doctor and Kagawa University as an Assistant Professor. In 2010, Dr. Igai was recruited to Maebashi Red Cross Hospital as an Assistant Director. And, in 2016, He started Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program at Toronto General Hospital, Research Institute, University Health Network simultaneouly.

Dr. Igai is a Board Certified Surgeon of Japan Surgical Society and Japanese Association for Chest Surgery.

Dr. Igai’s research focuses on Tracheal Cartilage Regeneration and Minimally Invasive Surgery, especially VATS or Pulmonary Segmentectomy. He has published over 60 papers.