Y. C. Gary Lee, MBChB , PhD, FCCP, FRCP, FRACP

University Department of Medicine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, WA 6009, Australia

Prof. Lee is a chest physician and professor with 15 years of experience in translational research of pleural diseases, especially pleural malignancies and infection. His pleural program includes a laboratory and a clinical research arm closely integrated with an active tertiary clinical pleural disease service which is under his direction. This research program is amongst the most active in the field. Prof. Lee’s work has translated to clinical practice on many occasions and contributed directly to reducing mortality, morbidity and healthcare costs in patient care.

Prof. Lee has published 170 original and invited papers (H-index 32; total citations >3200), and a grant record of over US $9 million. He has delivered over 100 invited lectures on pleural diseases at major conferences in 26 countries. Prof. Lee is the editor of the Textbook of Pleural Diseases (three editions), the most comprehensive text in the field, and has served on international pleural guideline panels. Prof. Lee has a strong record in training clinical fellows and postdoctoral scientists.

Prof. Lee has worked for 10 years with the leading pleural groups in the USA and UK, during which time he won a Fulbright Graduate Scholarship (USA), two Young Investigator Awards, two Wellcome Trust (UK) Fellowships and a HEFC (UK) Senior Lecturer Award.

Prof. Lee continues to build on these foundations to foster a comprehensive research program and global research network that focus on understanding the pathogenesis of common pleural diseases and improve patient care.

Focused Issue: Advances and Controversies in Pleural Diseases.