Mirella Marino, MD

Department of Pathology, IRCCS- Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy

After her medical doctoral degree in Rome, University “La Sapienza”, she completed the residency in Pathology and later in Haematology at the Catholic University of Rome. She was soon taken as Pathology Assistant, first at the S. Giacomo Hospital in Rome, then at the IRCCS-Regina Elena Natl. Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy.

M. Marino was trained in Haematopathology/Thymic Pathology during several short stages at the Kiel Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Pathology Institute, leaded by Prof Dr K Lennert, and at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg, Germany, at the Pathology Institute leaded by Prof. Dr HK Müller Hermelink . In 1983 she was fellow of the Deutsches Akademisches Austauschdienst (DAAD) for a research project on Thymic Epithelial Tumors (TET). In 1990-1993 she was Professor by contract of Histology and Embriology at the “La Sapienza “Medical School, University of Rome.

M. Marino is involved in diagnostic surgical pathology of every organ/system; her main diagnostic and research interests are haematopathology/thymic pathology. She has been leading the research activity in TET for the last 18 years at the Regina Elena Natl. Cancer Institute and contributed to TET international research projects, to WHO TET classification, to the Cancer genome Atlas (TCGA-THYM) and to the new TNM staging (8th edition) of Thymic tumors. Dr. Marino is the referral Pathologist for Haematopathology and for Thymic Epithelial Tumors (diagnostics and research). In the Pathology Department she also serves as Quality assurance, Clinical Risk and Biobank Quality responsible. She is “HCP Domain representative” of the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute for the “Rare thoracic tumors” (G8) network in the European reference networks (ERN)

M. Marino holds the membership and Committees contribution in International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG), International Association of Study for Lung Cancer (IASLC), European Society of Pathology (ESP)(in Mediastinal and Thymus Working Group (WG), Haematopathology WG, History of Pathology WG); Italian Society of Pathological Anatomy (SIAPEC); she is Member of the IASLC Staging and Prognostic Factors Committee, Thymic Domain (SPFC-TD). M. Marino also serves on the editorial board of Case Reports in Pathology (Hindawi) and of Mediastinum (AME).