Qiang Tan, MD, PhD

Shanghai Lung Cancer Center, Lung Cancer Research Lab, Shanghai Chest Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

Prof. Tan is a veteran thoracic surgeon with over 20 years clinical experience. Since he first started in the field of tissue engineering in 1999, Dr. Tan has done many researches on tissue-engineered trachea and bone, and is renowned as a pioneer in the application of tissue engineering techniques to thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in China. Dr. Tan participated in the initial establishment of criteria/standards for tissue-engineered products clinical application in Shanghai. Thus he is quite familiar with the tissue-engineered products application scheme in China and is well connected in the industry. Used to be a tissue engineering project leader in the University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland, Dr. Tan pioneered the “in-vivo bioreactor” concept that combines the in-vitro cell-scaffold three dimensional culture steps with in-vivo prosthesis regeneration step. Treating the patient as the bioreactor for his own tissue engineered organ, “in-vivo bioreactor” design accelerate the re-vascularization and re-epithelialization processes which remains the main obstacles for large tissue engineered tissue clinic application. In 2015, Prof. Tan’s team perform the first tissue engineered airway clinic application in China.