Jordi Rello, MD, PhD

CIBERES, Vall d’Hebron Institut of Research, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

Jordi Rello has done clinical research in the Critical Care Department and is Director of the Clinical Research & Innovation in Pneumonia and Sepsis (CRIPS) Group at Vall d'Hebron Research Institute.

He earned his Doctor of Medicine with Honors and his PhD on Infectious Diseases at the University of Barcelona, Spain, followed by a residence and fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, Spain.

His areas of research include studies on prevention and control of hospital-acquired infections, epidemiology of ventilator-associated pneumonia or severe community-acquired pneumonia, treatment of infections in critically ill patients and postoperative management of lung transplant.  He was active in developing many educational strategies, such as the APEX project or the Academy of Infection Management. We have experience in Ad Boards for drug development and organizing educational preceptorship programs.

His Research Group has large experience in clinical trials, developing projects on biomarkers in (lung) transplant, infection and sepsis in a lab, using KRIPTOR technology. Prof Rello has directed 15 doctoral thesis and has above 450 indexed manuscripts in PubMed.